Devash: Hadar's Parashah Magazine for Kids
Order in Bulk for 5784 (beginning in October 2023)

Devash is a weekly parashah magazine that makes Torah learning sweet, designed for kids ages 7+

Prices for an annual bulk subscription to Devash are based on quantity:

  • 10-20 magazines - $180 per year

  • 21-30 magazines - $360 per year

  • 31-40 magazines - $500 per year

  • 41-50 magazines - $700 per year

  • 51-60 magazines - $900 per year

  • For higher quantities, contact

We are delighted to offer Devash at about a 60% discount of the actual cost of printing and shipping the magazines. You may add an optional payment amount to help cover our costs and we thank you for your generosity.

We hope that cost will not be a barrier for any institution. If these prices pose a challenge, contact so that we can discuss an additional discount.

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